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Getting Picture-Perfect for a Winter Equine Photoshoot

Planning ahead for your equine photoshoot in winter is key to making sure you and your horse look as amazing as possible! There are some extra things to consider when deciding what to wear for a photoshoot with your horse in the colder months. Don't let the winter weather stop you from getting those memorable shots of you and your beloved horse together in stunning portraits - with the right clothing, you can still look stylish and be comfortable.

An equine photography session with your horse in the winter can be a fun and exciting experience. It is important to remember that the weather is colder, and you will need to dress warmly while still looking put together!

As an equestrian photographer, here are my top tips for getting ready for your special photoshoot with your horse.

  • Always take care to keep it simple with the number of colours and patterns so that the viewer's eye is drawn to your face in your images, rather than your clothes. Natural, rich colours look great against a countryside backdrop.

  • To keep your body temperature regulated, think about bundling up in layers of sweaters, jackets, vests, long sleeved shirts and even scarves to give a perfect country look! (and don't forget the warm socks!

  • I always tell my clients to have at least 3 outfits on hand, outfits that are smart/dressy, a few different outfits that is a bit more casual. If you're still stuck please do give a call or I'm happy to help you put together outfits!

  • Don't forget accessories - hats, scarves, hair accessories can really make an outfit stand out and add interest!

I work in a relaxed style, making you feel at ease and encouraging you to relish your time you share quality time with your horse whilst I capture your special moments in a documentary approach capturing all those natural, candid moments of your bond and friendship. I love that clients get to take time out of their busy lives to document what's important and it's a privilege to produce beautiful photographs that I know that they'll love and cherish for many years to come.

You can connect with me through email, phone call, and text. I'd love to chat about creating stunning images for you and your beautiful horse, and chat about clothing and locations.

Beth Chisham Photography

Family and Equine Photographer

Based in Dorset. Covering surrounding areas of Dorset and Hampshire.

Contact me via email

or feel free to call or WhatsApp - 07850037159

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