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Why You and Your Horse Deserve a Professional Photoshoot!

There's no doubt about it, you and your horse deserve a photoshoot with an equestrian photographer. You've worked hard together, building a strong partnership, a deep bond and friendship. Whether you have worked hard showing your horse or perfecting dressage tests, having a horse and rider photoshoot is a great way to press pause on time, spend some quality time together and look back on how far you've come and celebrate all that you've achieved together.

You know that the bond between horse and rider is one that is unique and special. It is a partnership built on trust, communication, and mutual respect. When you and your horse are working together as a team, it is an amazing thing to behold. You both deserve to have your partnership celebrated with beautiful photos for you to cherish. A photoshoot can capture the beauty and power of the relationship between horse and rider.

What happens on an Equine Photoshoot?

Almost all photographers have a consultation with their clients before the photoshoot. This can either be over the phone or via email. The photography will find out what day you're available and this introduction is used to find out all about you and your horse. The consultation is also a time for the photographer to get an idea of what the client is like and gets a good understanding of the character of the horse to get an idea of how they might behave during the portrait equine photo shoot.

During the consultation, the photographer will usually ask about things like clothing, hair, and makeup.

If the client isn't sure about something, the equine photographer can give them advice on what might look best.

On the day of the event - The photoshoot will usually take place at your yard. The photographer will usually look around to find the best locations for your shoot. You'll be surprised at how many 'ugly' looking spots in yards can make beautiful spots for equine photography backdrops. The stable or barn door/doorways always make great settings to start off in.

Your photoshoot will work at the pace of you and horse. Many people think that horses are just standing around on photoshoots, but that's not always the case. Horses can get bored very easily, so handlers will often walk them around or have them do a circle to keep them entertained. If they're not given something to do, they may start to walk around on their own or even lay down. This is way you need a relaxed photographer that is happy to slow down if the horse needs a bit of space. Safety First: Your safety is paramount on a photoshoot so your photographer will never make you do anything that you feel uncomfortable doing with your horse.

The equine photography photoshoot will usually last between 1-1.5 hours or if you have two horses this could be up to 2 hours (with maybe a tea break in between!)

What happens after the Equine Photography Session? Once the equine photography session has finished, your photographer will go in to great details, selecting and editing the very best quality images for your gallery. Then for the best part - you'll be invited to a private in person viewing at your home to see all of your beautiful images this would normally be about 1-2 weeks after your photoshoot. Your photographer will be able to advise you what pictures might look best for a gallery or a coffee table album.

Why I love Equestrian Photography ...

Why not book one of my equestrian photography sessions? I absolutely love horse photography, I enjoy being able to create special moments, capturing the bond between riders and their best friends in a photograph. When you see a photo of a horse, it's personality comes alive. You can see the intelligence in it's kind eyes and the gentleness in its face. And for just a brief second, we get to experience something truly unique, you see into their soul.

My relaxed and patience approach to my work means we can take time working together to produce quality, relaxed and natural images that you'll love and create lasting memories. I cover Dorset, areas of Somerset and Hampshire, South West UK. Please do get in contact if you would like to find out more. I'd love to hear from you!

B e t h C h i s h a m P h o t o g r a p h y

Equine Photography & Family Photographer

Dorset and areas of Somerset and Hampshire, South West England 07850037159

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