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Pony Photoshoots in Dorset - Phoebe, Florrie and Hattie the Wildcard Pony

Updated: May 25

When two young girls, Phoebe and Florrie, first met Hattie, they had no idea just how much their lives were about to change. Hattie, a scrappy little pony with a heart of gold, had been rescued from a neglectful situation. As soon as Florrie and Phoebe met Hattie, they knew that they had found their perfect pony. Here's some gorgeous pictures we captured at their portrait equine photography session at their yard in Dorset.

Bringing Hattie home was not without its challenges. Hattie was underweight and in poor health when she was rescued, and she needed a lot of TLC to get back to her former self. However, Florrie and Phoebe were determined to give Hattie the best possible life, and they worked tirelessly to make sure that she was healthy, happy, and well-cared-for. Pony Photoshoots in Dorset - Phoebe, Florrie and Hattie the Wildcard Pony

Over time, Hattie blossomed under Phoebe and her mother's care. She gained weight, her coat grew shiny and healthy, and she became a beloved member of the family. Florrie and Phoebe spent countless hours grooming Hattie, taking her on long walks, and practicing their riding skills with her. They also made sure that Hattie had plenty of love and attention, something that she had clearly been missing in her previous life.

Two years on, Phoebe and Florrie's love and dedication to Hattie is a testament to the amazing bond that can form between humans and animals. By rescuing Hattie and providing her with a caring home, they have not only brought enrichment to their own lives, but also made a positive impact on Hattie's wellbeing. Now, they are thrilled to see Hattie thrive and enjoy show jumping, as she has become an integral part of their family. You can follow more of Hattie the Wildcard's journey over on the their instagram page @hattiethewildcardpony

Equine Photography Session in Dorset - Children and Ponies

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