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Getting You and Your Horse Ready for an Equine Photoshoot

A successful equestrian photoshoot requires a little bit of careful pre-planning and preparation. In this article, we will discuss how to get yourself and your horse ready for a photoshoot. I'll also provide some tips on how to pose and what to wear for your equine photographs.

Whilst there is so many parts to consider when you are preparing for a horse and rider photoshoot, dressing for the session is definitely the most fun! It's time to put the dirty wellies and scruffy yard boots to one side and think about putting a lovely outfit together for your special shoot. The photography session is a chance for you to step aside from your day to day hectic lifestyle, away from all the hard work you've done training, be it getting ready for dressage tests or showing your horse. This is an opportunity to press pause and look back and celebrate your beautiful relationship with your equine best friend and create lasting memories that you'll enjoy years to come. Think about what style makes you feel like you. Have a look at the following equestrian styles and see which one suits you...

Most of us have a beautiful dress in our wardrobes that makes us feel like a million dollars, why not have have a beautiful equine portrait taken in it!

You should be able to 'shop your wardrobe' and pull outfits together.

Getting your Horse ready for an Equestrian Photography Session You know your horse better than anyone. In our pre-photoshoot consultation I will ask you about your horses temperament so we can work together to build the relaxed shoot at your yard. We will ensure that we schedule the shoot around a time that is best for you and your horse.

Grooming your Horse in Preparation for the Photoshoot: Just like you, your horse needs to look its best ready for it's moment in front of the camera! Horses need to be clean and shiny, and they need to be groomed and styled in a way that will show them off for their photographs in the best light. Here are some tips on how to get you and your horse ready for your next photoshoot:

On the Day of your Equine Photography Session: Try to ensure you and your horse are ready on time, it makes the session go much more smoothly and will make you feel relaxed. I know it can feel a bit daunting to be in front of a professional photographer but please don't worry, I know the best way to pose you and your horse for you to look your best for your photographs. My approach to my photography is relaxed and patient so if your horse needs a break or a change of location we will always go at your pace. I will keep snapping during the session, capturing those natural, candid moments that happen organically when you think I'm not looking. Any questions or concerns ahead of your shoot or if you'd like to run outfit ideas past me (which I always love!) please get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.

Beth Chisham Photography Specialising in Beautiful and Relaxed Equine & Family Portraits Horse Photographer covering Dorset and surrounding areas of Somerset and Hampshire 07850037159

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