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Equine Photoshoot near Studland, Dorset - Bella and her two stunning horses

An equestrian photo session with young horses is a definitely a fun and unique experience. These horses and rider sessions are full of energy and personality, and these beautiful equines love to play. They are also very curious, so they will explore their surroundings and check out the photographer. This makes for some great photos and these photoshoots definitely keep me, as a professional equestrian portrait photographer, on my toes! We had a great couple of hours at this stunning yard in Wareham near Studland meeting Bella and her two young Spanish horses. The long sweeping driveway against the backdrop of the lushious green Dorset Countryside made for a stunning backdrop on this equine photoshoot.

Bella and her stunning young Spanish horse, taken from an equestrian photoshoot in Wareham, Dorset

Bella was was elated with her images "I love them all". I absolutely love being able to capture beautiful memories like these for my clients! She has already started sharing them with her friends and family, and I know they will be just as thrilled as she is. Interested in booking an Equine Photoshoot with your own horses? Why not book one of my equestrian photography sessions? I absolutely love horse photography, I enjoy being able to create special moments, capturing the bond between riders and their equine best friends in a photograph. When you see a photo of a horse, it's personality comes alive. You can see the intelligence in it's kind eyes and the gentleness in its face. And for just a brief second, we get to experience something truly unique, see into the soul. My relaxed and patience approach to my work means we can take time working together to produce relaxed and natural images that you'll love and create lasting memories.

I cover yard photoshoots in Dorset, areas of Somerset and Hampshire, South West UK. Please do get in contact to find out more. I'd love to hear from you!

Beth Chisham Photography

Equine Photography & Family Photographer

Dorset and areas of Somerset and Hampshire, South West England 07850037169

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