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Equine Photography - Relaxed Child and Pony Photoshoots

Capturing the Heartwarming Connection: A Sibling's First Equine Pony Photoshoot As an equine photographer, I have had the privilege of working with countless individuals and their beloved horses and ponies. However, a recent pony photo shoot with two siblings who share a deep love for their ponies was particularly special and heartwarming.

Before I began photographing the children and their ponies it was great to pull the whole family together for some relaxed special group portraits before the pony photo session started. I know as a busy mum it's tricky to wrangle everyone together for a photoshoot and most of the time it's us mums taking the photos rather than being in them so I love being able to document family portraits for people.

The twins, a brother and sister, were both beaming with excitement as they introduced me to their pets, two gorgeous German Shepherds, a cat and their two best equine friends, Puzzle and Bobby. It was clear from the start that these ponies held a very special place in the children's hearts.

As we began the photo shoot, I was amazed at the connection and bond that the siblings shared with their ponies. They mentioned that they only they had only had the ponies during Covid lockdown but the way they interacted with their ponies was like they had know and loved each other for years.

relaxed equine portrait session
Amelie and Puzzle (Child and Pony Equine Photoshoot )

Getting the ponies in front of the camera for their Equine Photoshoot Whilst these ponies were brilliantly behaved and looked great in from of the camera, but we realised early on that these gorgeous ponies didn't like to stand still for long! So we kept the ponies moving and changed up the location! Within an equine photoshoot you have to prepared to change things up quickly especially when trying to get a pony to stand still who is getting bored or would rather be munching on the grass! As we moved from one location to another, the siblings shared ponies out to showjumping competitions as well as being part of the local pony club. They talked about the challenges they had faced, the milestones they had achieved, and the moments of pure joy that their ponies had brought into their lives.

Child and Pony Photoshoot

Throughout the photo shoot, I was struck by the sibling's love for their ponies, and how their shared enthusiasm for these animals is a wonderful way of them spending time together. They were not just siblings, but friends and companions who shared a deep connection with their ponies. It was lovely to capture images of them cuddling their special ponies.

In true British weather we just managed to finish the photoshoot before the hail stones started! image captured the love and connection that these siblings shared with their ponies, and I was honoured to be able to create these lasting memories for them to treasure for many years.

''Gosh these are all so beautiful, however will be choose?

You have a lovely style and captured so many stunning shots'' H.Bigmore

Interested in booking your own equine portrait session for your child and their pony?

I'd love to chat further about how we can organise a relaxed, natural portrait session for your child and their equine best friend which is such a great way to preserve and treasure the lovely friendship that children share with their favourite ponies. If you'd like to chat to find out more about the sessions I'd love to hear from you 07850037159 Beth Chisham Equine Photographer Tel: 07850037159 Email: Based in Dorset but will travel to your location within a two hour radius of Poole, Dorset.

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