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Learning to Love Again

Losing a beloved horse can seem like the end of the world and it is often difficult to imagine ever finding another friendship as special again.

But while life after bereavement can be hard and lonely there is hope and joy to be found in forging a new connection with a new horse. As Jen and her young horse Lenny have found, taking on a new equine companion can open up an entirely different set of experiences and adventures to move forward.

It was great to meet them both again at their yard in Wimborne, Dorset. Lenny's gorgeous chestnut hues matched the autumnal backdrop perfectly.

As an equestrian photographer in Dorset I love being able to preserve the love and friendship you share with your beloved horses and ponies in beautiful, natural photographs.

If you'd like to chat more about my horse and rider photography sessions I would love to hear from you. Beth Chisham Photography Family & Equine Photographer Dorset, South West England Tel: 07850037159 Email: Find me on Facebook and Instagram

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