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Summer Equine Photography: Tips for a fun photoshoot for children and ponies.

With the summer holidays around the corner it's the perfect time to embark on a memorable equine photoshoot with your little ones and their beloved ponies. As an equine portrait photographer who adores being able to document the friendship between child and their horses or ponies, I'm here to share top tips that will make your child and pony photo session a joyful and unforgettable experience. So, let's dive into this creative adventure together!

Fun and relaxed photography sessions with children and ponies
A child and pony equine portrait session

Finding the Ideal Location: Choosing the right location for your young equestrian photography session sets the stage for capturing magical memories. You'll be surprised at how many lovely spots are in your own yard or within your own grounds of your garden at home. I'll be there to help you seek stunning spots that evaluate your images and provide the perfect backdrop for those gorgeous moments between your child and their four legged best friend.

Young Equestrian Photography - Children and ponies
Best friends - A boy and his beloved pony

Embrace the Golden Hour: The golden hour is truly enchanting—a time just after sunrise or before sunset when sunlight casts a warm, golden glow. It's the perfect lighting to make your photos radiate with beauty. Plan your photoshoot during these hours, and watch as the soft, flattering light creates stunning images that will bring smiles to your faces, plus on warm days it's much more relaxing for everyone to be out when the temperate is not so hot!

Creating a Relaxed Equine Photoshoot for Children and Ponies: Children and ponies share a unique connection filled with joy and playfulness. I aim to ensure my sessions are relaxed and unhurried. If a pony or horse is not on it's best behaviour, that's totally ok! I know that when working with children and animals things often don't go plan. That's why I love to hear all about your child and their pony before the session so I know how to tailor the photoshoot accordingly. During the photoshoot, I'll let your little ones interact naturally with their ponies enjoying each other's company, embracing their authentic personalities. Candid moments often capture the most genuine emotions resulting in beautiful moments that document the love and friendship that your son or daughter shares with their pony.

An equine photoshoot with children and ponies - Dorset Equine Photographer
An equine photoshoot with children and ponies - Dorset Equine Photographer

Prioritising Safety: Ensuring the safety of your children and ponies is of utmost importance. Open toe sandals in the warm weather may look great with your son or daughters outfit but maybe not when they around their ponies! Before the photoshoot, I'll send you my Welcome Guide, which includes lots of ideas on how to dress for your equine photography session.

Flies - Ah, summertime—a season that brings joy and warmth, but also the notorious presence of flies that can drive our equine friends bonkers. When it comes to an equine photoshoot, pesky flies can be quite the nuisance. Follow your usual routine with your pony before the shoot and don't forget the fly spray for yourself and your little ones too! By taking these preventative measures, you can help minimise fly disturbances and create a more relaxed environment for your equine photoshoot.

As parents, being part of an equine photoshoot with your children is a wonderful opportunity to create cherished memories of your children with their equine best friends. By following these tips, you'll help create a relaxed and joyful atmosphere that allows the true essence of your child's bond with their pony to shine through in the photographs. Let's make sure we cherish and preserve these precious moments that will stay with you forever.

Beth Chisham Photography Specialising in Equine Photoshoots in the Dorset and the South of England Do get in touch to find out more about booking an equine photoshoot this summer.

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