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Children and Horses: The Perfect Pairing for Lasting Memories

When did your love of horses begin? There is something about horses that just draw us to them. Maybe it’s their kind eyes, or their wonderful, gentle nature. Whatever the reason may be, there are countless stories of people forming lifelong bonds with horses from an early age. For many children, their horse or pony is their best friend. They share a beautiful connection that’s built on trust and mutual respect.

These relationships can have a positive impact on kids in many ways. For example, caring for a horse can teach responsibility, empathy and riding can boost confidence and self-esteem. Children love the challenge of competing their horses in competitions. Pony Club offers a unique opportunity for young riders to learn sportsmanship, responsibility and teamwork while having fun and making new friends. Another reason children are drawn to horses is that they offer an opportunity to escape from the everyday world. Riding a horse can be a fun and exhilarating experience, providing a much-needed break from school and homework. For teens, horses can also provide a sense of independence and freedom and finally, ponies are simply cute!

You might've had formal photographs taken by event photographers at pony competitions or local shows but I absolutely love being able to capture the special bond between children and their ponies in my relaxed equestrian photography sessions. Children grow so quickly and my photo sessions give you a chance to press pause and cherish all those little moments that would otherwise be lost.

Childhood Equine Photography - Horse and Rider Photoshoots in Dorset

Rather than photographing in a studio, my relaxed equine photography sessions often take place in the comfort of your own stable yard or another option, you might have a favourite outdoor countryside location in Dorset and Hampshire that close to your son or daughter's heart or the beach (Hayling Island and Studland beaches) is often a favourite spot for a special photo shoot. This is a perfect way for your child to spend quality time cuddling their horses and ponies whilst I capture all those natural, special moments.

From my experience as an equine photographer working with horses and families, I know things often don't go to plan but my relaxed horse photography style ensures that we go at the pace that's comfortable for your child and their horse. Their safety is paramount so I would never a child or pony to do anything they wouldn't feel comfortable with. I love to gently prompt and pose children and their favourite four legged family member to ensure we get beautiful, flattering images but also I just love to quietly observe children with their ponies with my camera during the shoot and this results in stunning natural, candid beautiful photographs that I'll know you'll treasure and enjoy for many years to come.

Booking a session with an Equestrian Photographer

If you'd like to find out more information about my relaxed equine photoshoot sessions for your children and their horses across Dorset and Hampshire, I'd love to hear from you. I also offer gift vouchers packages which can make a very special present for every young equestrian to documents timeless memories of their equine best friend. Please do get in touch to see if I cover your area.

As my outdoor sessions are weather dependant I usually key an eye on the weather forecast as the session approaches if it does rain it's not a problem to postpone and change the shoot date to the next convenient day for you.

Interested in booking a child and pony portrait equestrian session:

Find me here:

Beth Chisham Photography

Equine & Family Photographer

Dorset and Hampshire, South West England UK


or contact me here through my website

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