Planning Your Outfits

for your family photography session


Getting Organised

Grandparents Photoshoot Poole, Family Photographer Dorset


Choose a colour pallet

Find a group of complimentary colours to base the outfits on. If you are stuck on where to start, decide on your outfit first Mum! Then you can pull in colours that compliment each other! 

Plan ahead! When you've got your session booked start thinking about your outfits! You don't want to leave it to the last minute to realised that an outfit your had in mind doesn't fit or needs washing!

Family Photoshoot Wimborne Dorset
Relaxed Family Photoshoot - Beth Chisham Photography


Avoid wearing logos!

Your son might be super proud of his Manchester United shirt or your daughter might be Paw Patrol obsessed but wearing tops with logos or characters on can be really distracting and often date the pictures too. Choose timeless prints and patterns.  


Add an accessory!

Try adding hats, scarves, girl hair bows etc to add interest or bring in colour to an outfit. Try and stay away from sunglasses (especially mirrored sunglasses!)

Toddler Photoshoot Christchurch, Beth Chisham Dorset Family Photography
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Check out Pinterest!

Click on the link below to see my Pinterest page for my inspiration! And lastly have fun - please get in touch if are stuck!

What to wear for a Family Photo Poole, Beth Chisham Family Photography based in Poole, Dorset
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